WhatsApp may not work on your phone after Dec 31st if it features on this list; check!!!


Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has announced that it will stop lending support for a number of smartphones after December 31, 2017. According to WhatsApp blog post, users will not be able to create new accounts and will also not able to verify existing accounts from these smartphones and on platforms. Ending of support does not mean that the users will not be able to access their accounts. WhatsApp has said that users will continue to get access but will not receive any security updates or new features. WhatsApp had earlier in 2016 has stopped lending support to OS versions like Windows Phone 7, Android 2.1, Android 2.2 and iOS 6. WhatsApp also stopped supporting Nokia Symbian S60 from June 2017. In a number of platforms WhatsApp is withdrawing support, like Blackberry OS, the company has stopped manufacturing or launching new smartphones for the platform.

WhatsApp has also said that after withdrawing support effective from December 31, some of the features might not be available anymore. WhatsApp said that most of the features the company is trying to expand, these smartphones or platforms will not offer them and thus keeping in mind company’s future WhatsApp has decided to withdraw their support. WhatsApp has also suggested that people who are using the outdated versions of the platforms, they can upgrade their OS to receive updates. For instance, WhatsApp will not be available on Windows Phone 8 but will continue services on Windows Phone 8.1.

The messaging app has also announced that in certain smartphones and platforms, the service will be terminated from December 2018 and on certain smartphones from February 2020 onwards. Below is the complete list of smartphones and platforms from which WhatsApp will withdraw its support:


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